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Frequently Asked Questions

Different Christian denominations

Everyone can use Living with Jesus, regardless of denomination. If you are Catholic, Protestant, Eastern Orthodox, or something else, there are some differences in view of a few actions, such as abortion, birth control and homosexuality. If the view of your authority is that these things are moral, then simply do not enter them into your diary. Also see Customized versions.

Some actions are missing

Great, you have found a way to improve the application! Please let us know.

How is the score calculated?

Each action is assigned a value that reflects its moral significance. These values are added up into a total, which is then presented at the top right corner of the application. You also lose a bit of the score each day, to prevent you from staying passive. The score calculation is done in such a way that the score changes rapidly at the middle (around 50) and then slower as you reach the ends (0 and 100).

How accurate is the score?

This application is meant as an educational tool, and as a support to keep you on track with your life. But it is a simplified system of moral actions, so please take the diary and its score with a grain of salt. It may overstate or understate your moral standing in the real world. If you are in doubt about your moral progress, please consult a priest.

The application looks funny on my device

We have taken great care to make the application look great on most devices. To adjust the size of text and icons, please use the settings page. If that doesn't take care of the problem, please let us know so we can fix it.

How is the diary stored?

The diary is only stored in your phone. This application does not connect to other systems on the internet to share any data. In the event of a software upgrade or a technical problem with your smartphone, your diary might be lost. To keep more permanent records of your diary, consider making copies with pen and paper.

How do I clear out the diary?

On an Android phone, open Settings and go to Application manager. Select Living with Jesus, and tap the Clear data button. This will remove all the entries in the diary, and also all Bible favorites.

Can you make a customized version for my church?

We can customize the look and feel, logos, Bible version and diary actions to your specification. Please contact us and describe your needs.
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