Living with Muhammad

Smartphone and tablet application for Android

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Stay on the right path as a Muslim by keeping a diary of your daily actions, and this application will score how well you are doing. It also contains the Holy Quran, with plenty of references to teach you the word of Allah.


  • A diary that logs your daily actions, good and bad.
  • A clever score system that shows your progress.
  • 100 actions to pick from, sorted into 19 topics.
  • Each topic include Quran quotes that teach you more.
  • The entire Quran in English (three different translations), plus the Hadith of Bukhari, Muslim and Dawud.
  • Save your favorite Quran verses for easy access later.
  • A quiz to test your Quran knowledge.
  • The start page features a Quran quote that changes daily.
  • Five illustrations of holy places to show your current standing with Muhammad.
  • Adjustable to fit both small and large screens.
  • No ads, no links, no in-app purchases.
Learn more about the application at the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Below: The start page with the daily Quran quote and the main menu. The diary page shows your logged actions, month by month.

Below: To log an action you first pick a topic. You are then presented with actions that can be inserted into the diary. As you do the actions in real life, you enter them into the diary.

Below: Each topic has a list of relevant Quran quotes. The Holy Quran is also included so you can read it where ever you are.

Below: Use the quiz to test your Quran knowledge. Select Quran translation and text size to your preference.
Living with Muhammad is produced by Life Companion Technologies. If you have questions or suggestions, read the Frequently Asked Questions, or contact us at